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General Forms For All Exhibitors


Samples at Trade Shows

Health Canada has recently advised PPPC that products requiring Drug Identification Numbers (DIN), cannot be sampled for free at Trade Shows. Natural Health Products (NPN) are exempt from this regulation. If you would like to sample your DIN products at Trade Shows, please ensure that you have a small donation box in your booth.

Distributors must leave a small amount in the box (as little as they want), in order for the exchange to be legal under Health Canada’s Drug Act and associated Regulations.

Disclaimer: This interpretation provides plain language information about the law and should therefore not serve as a substitute for the law itself. You are strongly advised to seek your own legal advice regarding how to comply.

Hotel Information

Please be aware of any housing agency that may contact PPPC members claiming to represent PPPC in an attempt to sell hotel rooms. The PPPC does not contract this service to any other organization, nor do we make outbound sales calls for hotel room bookings. Beware of any offerings made by such companies, as your bookings may not be secure, may not be at official PPPC tradeshow hotels, or may incur additional hidden fees. All TOPS+ hotel information, including the links and phone numbers to make reservations, can be found below by clicking on the link for each city.

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Montreal Exhibitors

Toronto Exhibitors


In 2018, PPPC is working in conjunction with Imprint Canada for the September Calgary show. The show will take place on Friday and Saturday September 7 – 8, 2018. For information on the Calgary event, please visit

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